Biometric Identification

BI2 Technologies™ - Biometric Intelligence and Identification Technologies - is a worldwide leader in the development and implementation of innovative and affordable iris, fingerprint and facial biometric identification and recognition technologies and solutions.

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Truly Mobile and Wireless Multi-Modal Biometric Technologies

BI2 Technologies™ patent pending MObile Recognition and Information System  - is the world's first wireless, multi-modal biometric system on a smartphone.

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Positive Identification - in Seconds

At the point of arrest, intake, booking and release - BI2 Technologies' proven and effective iris biometric solutions - and the nation's only iris biometric-based database and network - are installed and operational in jurisdictions in 47 states, including some of the nation's largest and most challenging law enforcement and corrections agencies.

Positive Identification Solutions for the Real World

BI2 Technologies affordable biometric identification and recognition solutions have been built to work in the real world.  Our iris biometric technologies are providing over 35 million cross matches and positive IDs each month - in seconds - in some of the toughest law enforcement enviroments in the world. 

Sex Offender Reporting


Biometric Identification Where Its Needed Most

BI2 Technologies'™ mobile and wireless biometric identification and recognition technologies enable authorized law enforcement, military and intelligence professionals to positively identify individuals in seconds from any location.

News and Events

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IRIS Stops Inmates from Escaping by Impersonating Other Inmates

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"From an officer-safety perspective, to find out who we are dealing with, this literally leapfrogged us ahead in the ability of law enforcement to best protect our community"
- Sheriff Paul Babeu, Pinal County Arizona
America’s 2011 “Sheriff of the Year”

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