Top News Singapore: iPhone app to catch crooks via looking in the eye

A recent application for the Police in the Brockton, Massachusetts comes in the form of a facial recognition system called MORIS, i. e. an app meant for iPhone to identify crime suspects.

From the makers of BI2 Technologies, the app works in a simple fashion where an officer uses an iPhone to snap the picture of a person of interest, which later is forwarded to the department where it is compared against a database of illegal doers of the state. If identified, the app lands you straight in trouble.

It also has an iris identification feature, where a close-up shot of the suspect's eye is sent back to central command for reference, along with a fingerprint reader, that aids in further detection of the criminal.

Although still under a debate this system will only be employed when there's probable cause, as the oppositions come in form of database maintenance.

However the authorities would surely be waiting for it.

Submitted by Jimmy Peterson on 2010, June 16 - 19:58