The New Crime-Fighting iPhone App Launches

Using biometric information, the new app helps police identify suspects in seconds.

Amongst the millions of iPhone apps on offer today, there aren't many that can lay claim to fighting crime. Until now.

As reported in Britain's Daily Mail, a new app has been combined with MORIS technology (Mobile Offender Recognition and Identification System) to allow police officers to take photos of suspects on the spot and compare them with a criminal database, all through their trusty iPhone. The photo is uploaded on the spot, and if a match is made, all the information is sent to the officer's phone within seconds.

The amazing software isn't exactly new, the MORIS system has been around for a number of years but being integrated into an iPhone app is set to bring the technology to a whole new level. Sean Mullin, CEO of BI2 Technologies, the firm that developed the system couldn't be happier: "It is not an overstatement to say that this may be the most significant technological advance for law enforcement since the introduction of radios," he said.

With the new system currently being tested at Brockton police station in Massachusetts, the phones will soon be available to 28 police departments and 14 sheriff departments in the state, with other states to follow. Fingerprint and iris identification technology is in the works to add to the facial recognition system.

And with the launch of the iPhone 4, with its multitasking between apps function, those busy policeman can identify criminals while getting a step-by-step guide to Nigella Lawson's chocolate soufflé. Awesome.

By Monique Jessen | Wednesday, June 16, 2010 9:02 AM ET